Live $2.25 lb
Clean $3.29 lb
Fingers $11.99 lb
Claw Meat $11.99 lb
White Meat $13.99 lb
Lump Meat $19.99 lb
Crabs are generally covered with a thick exoskeleton, and armed with a single pair of claws. Crabs are found in all of the world's oceans, while many crabs live in fresh water and on land, particularly in tropical regions. Crabs vary in size from the pea crab, to the Japanese spider crab.

About 850 species of crab are freshwater, terrestrial or semi-terrestrial species; they are found throughout the world's tropical and semi-tropical regions. They were previously thought to be a monophyletic group, but are now believed to represent at least two distinct lineages, one in the Old World and one in the New World.

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